Hello Dandelion lovers, Today, we will prove you that a Dandelion Turkish towel is a good investment! It is worth every penny you pay! So, here is the question for you: How many ways do you think there are to use a Dandelion Turkish towel? Well, let’s count together!  1. TOWEL What a cute #coincidence❗️One of our…

Why Are Dandelion Turkish Towels So Special?

Hello Dandelion lovers, In this post, we will try to explain why Dandelion Turkish towels are sooooo special. Let’s begin! The number one reason for being special is that they are compact for storage. They are the best traveling buddies! It can fold up small and easily fit into your linen closet, luggage or beach bag!…

Turkish Bath - Hammam

This is officially our first blog post! So excited!

So, this post will be Turkish Towels 101. We will be trying to give you an opinion about Turkish towels.

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