Turkish Bath - Hammam

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So, this post will be Turkish Towels 101. We will be trying to give you an opinion about Turkish towels.

Although most people know them as Turkish towels, they are actually called “peshtemal” (pesh-te-mal). It is written as “peştemal” in Turkish. Additionally, some people call them as “Fouta Towels”, too.

Peshtemal is a traditional Turkish bath towel. It is flat-woven with hand-tied fridge.

Peshtemals have been used for centuries in Turkish hammams. (Hammam is an Anatolian steam bath) In fact, if you visit Turkish hammams in Turkey, you will witness that peshtemals are still being used.

Turkish Bath - Hammam

So, here is the most common question: what is Turkish towel made of? Turkish towels are typically made of Turkish cotton, linen or even silk.

We are often asked if they are made of Egyptian cotton. The answer is NO. Turkish cotton is grown in the small but productive local areas in Turkey. It is premium cotton which has extra long fibers. Using longer fiber cotton in spinning yarn means fewer joins. Fewer joins results in stronger and smoother cotton threads.

That’s all, folks. The next topic will be Why Are Dandelion Turkish Towels So Special? Stay tuned. 

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