Why Are Dandelion Turkish Towels So Special?

Hello Dandelion lovers,

In this post, we will try to explain why Dandelion Turkish towels are sooooo special. Let’s begin!


The number one reason for being special is that they are compact for storage. They are the best traveling buddies! It can fold up small and easily fit into your linen closet, luggage or beach bag! You will never ever pack thick, bulky towels again!Dandelion Textile - Pool

Light-weight (easy to carry)

They are very thin and light-weight, making them easy to carry everywhere you go! The weight of our Basic series is only 0.3 ounces! OMG!!

Highly Absorbent

Thanks to extra long fibers of Turkish cotton, Dandelion Turkish towels are super absorbent. You will be impressed with how absorbent it is. Let’s say you go to the beach. It is such a hot day that you can’t bear and you throw yourself into the ocean. After a dip in the ocean, your Dandelion Turkish towel will dry you quickly, absorbing all the water right up off your skin.


(Continued from the previous entry) Then BAM! It will dry itself super quickly in the sun that after a few minutes, you can go into the ocean again, not worrying about the dryness of your beach towel. And the best part is… It will be dry enough to pack right back into your beach bag when leaving the beach without getting everything else in the bag wet!!!


Dandelion Turkish towels are super-soft. Bundling up in them is definitely a feel-good experience and your skin will love that!

It gets softer each time you wash it

It is soft at the beginning and getting softer with each wash. Turkish cotton rocks!

Durable to frequent washing

No worries, Dandelion lovers. It won’t ruin your towels no matter how many times you wash your Dandelion Turkish towels.


Well, a Dandelion Turkish towel’s versatility knows no bounds. 🙂 It is just not a regular bath towel. You can use it as beach towelblanket during travel, picnic blanketscarf, shawl, sarong, wrap, cover-up, throw for couch, or bed decoration and so many things we can’t think of!collage_of_dandelion_textile_turkish_towels


In our store, we have different models and different colors for Turkish towels. Some of them have classic colors, while some of them have gorgeous bright summer colors. (Check this out!) But all of them have the same feature : being stylish!

Dandelion Turkish towels are perfect for your needs. They are exactly what you are looking for!

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